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"StarSearch :  The Christie & Christie Talent Acquisition Process.  StarSearch™ delivers the people who can solve problems, seize opportunities, and move your company forward."™

StarSearch™ Includes:

*MISSION ANALYSIS:  Analyzing/Defining The Mission Which Requires Specific Talent.

*SPECIFICATION ANALYSIS:  Tailoring/Creating Position And Candidate Specifications For Mission Accomplishment, including performance specifications which constitute success on the job.

*BELLS AND WHISTLES:  Packaging The Opportunity To Attract The Talent You Want.

*RESEARCH AND SEARCH:  Locating Desired Talent Where It is.

*RECRUITING:  Bringing Desired Talent To You.

*INTERVIEWING:  Guiding The Process For Maximum Results.

*REFERENCE CHECKING:  In-Depth Review And Compilation Of Business References.

*NEGOTIATING: Negotiating, Making Offers , And Getting Acceptances From Candidates You Want To Hire.

*FOLLOW THROUGH:  Solidifying The New Hire, Including Integration Into The Client's Organization.

HOW StarSearch™ works for our clients:   

*StarSearch™ produces top-gun caliber talent  when the methodology is fully utilized by all parties involved in the search.

*StarSearch™ provides access to people you really want to hire, who will accept your offer of employment, and become productive members of your organization. 

*StarSearch™ when fully implemented  will make your search for talent a fast, hassle-free, and predictable experience.

*StarSearch™ encompasses our comprehensive 30 Step Search and Selection Process.  Full client participation in the StarSearch(tm) methodology virtually guarantees a successful search. 

*StarSearch(tm) will increase the client's return on investment in human capital by providing proven talent which can achieve performance specifications.  

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